Chitinor AS

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Chitinor AS – A Company in the Seagarden Group

The Seagarden Group is a Norwegian company supplying 100% natural marine products to global markets. Its daughter company Chitinor AS has established comprehensive know-how on extraction and processing of bio-actives from the Atlantic Ocean.

Chitinor AS manufactures products with tightly controlled and stable quality so that they always meet the very strict requirements of our customers and authorities.

We have highly-skilled employees who operate in our ISO 9001:2015 certified state of-the-art production facility in the very north of Norway in order to manufacture high-quality chitosans for world-wide markets.

Our common objective is to be the best possible and most reliable supplier and partner and we guarantee in-time delivery to our customers’ full satisfaction at any time.

Chitinor AS aims to produce the best possible quality for our customers while ensuring a good and safe working environment that does not pollute our surroundings.

Our products are produced from pure Norwegian shrimp shells that are sourced from sustainable fishing in the cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean and processed in local, fully-automated peeling factories.

All raw materials and components used in Chitinor’s production plant in the far north of Norway are of highest quality and purity.

Chitinor AS contributes to reducing pollution of the environment by utilizing the by-products of the fishing industry.

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