HydamerTM chitosan – the natural beauty polymer

Nature showed a masterly touch when it created the outer beauty of the chitin shells. Though plain and simple in appearance, this material is truly one of nature’s masterpieces. Not only does the hard shell protect against wind and weather, it is also extraordinarily flexible and extremely adaptable. From this amazing material chitin can be extracted and converted into chitosan.

HydamerTM chitosan, an expertly converted natural chitin, combines the wonderful properties of the chitin shell, making them available for use in premium skin, hair and body care products. HydamerTM is the advanced biopolymer made in Norway.

Hydamer product range


The Hair Care Managing Factor for perfect styling and healthy hair

Hair styling / Curl Retention / Hair tonics / Conditioner / Anti-splitting


The Deodorizing Care Managing Factor – strong deodorizing effect and outstanding mildness

Decorative Cosmetics / Deodorant products / Pump-Sprays / Facial Cleansers / Refreshers


The Chitosan Moisturizing Factor – gives a smooth sensation with specific effects on every skin

Facial Care / Body Care / Sun Care / Aftershaves / Decorative Cosmetics

Boost your products with our natural Nordic polymer