Chitosan and
Protective Layer

Body care and skin effects

The idea is ingeniously simple: a fine, natural film prevents loss of moisture and elasticity thanks to a high molecular bioplolymer taken from the marine world. This brilliant active ingredient, HydamerTM CMFP with a molecular weight of up to five million g/mol, protects the face and body with a film whose soothing effects can truly be felt. HydamerTM CMFP also stands out thanks to its excellent skin compatibility.

HydamerTM CMFP:
Your choice for caring protection

CMFP is of extreme purity offering excellent skin compatibility. It has a moisturizing effect by forming a protective layer on the skin and increasing water-binding capacity. Hydamer CMFP contributes to firming the skin.

CMFP enhances sensory parameters and increases skin flexibility, elasticity and smoothness, giving a feeling of soft skin and reducing skin irritation. There are also increased sun protection results due to its ability to shield UV filters from washing off with water. CMFP is a protection-enhancing ingredient for a wide range of care products.


  • Facial Care

  • Body Care

  • Sun Care

  • Aftershaves

  • Facial Cleansers

  • Decorative Cosmetics


Improvement of sensory parameters

Hydamer CMFP increases skin flexibility/elasticity,
smoothness, softness and suppleness

Reduction of skin irritation,
skin compatibility

Hydamer CMFP has a moisturizing effect and
firms the skin

Improved sun protection

Hydamer CMFP forms a protective layer and increases the water-resistance
of UV-filters

CMFP Studies

Sensory parameters – Soft and smooth

CMFP Protective
layer formation

Technical informations


Ecological data
and toxicity

Boost your products with our natural Nordic polymer