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In many cultures, the hair is regarded as a symbol of strength. However, now and then our hair could use more strength of its own. Not only can hair be left dry, dull and split by environmental factors, it also needs extra help to keep its shape. HydamerTM HCMF gives hair the additional strength it needs, coating individual strands with a flexible, homogeneous, non-flaking film for perfect styling and protection from external factors. This all-in-one product for shape, protection and care opens up a whole new dimension in styling. The results are excellent in terms of appearance and feel- shiny hair, healthy ends, perfect shape and hold.

HydamerTM HCMF: Your choice for intelligent hair styling products

HCMF forms a flexible, homogeneous and non-cracking free film at low concentrations that allows styling without “dandruff effect” and gives natural flexible hold and elasticity without added heaviness. The protective film aids hair fibres to not dry out and become , thus split ends are dramatically reduced. Hair does not stick together and due to HCMF’s no build-up effect, it is easily washed out.

HCMF has low sensitivity to atmospheric moisture which makes HCMF especially beneficial for all-weather styling products. It also helps to reduce electrostatic charge that causes the fly-away hair effect. HCMF has an extraordinary skin compatibility that promotes scalp care and it is readily biodegradable which makes it an environmentally- friendly ingredient.

  • Hair setting

  • Hair gels

  • Styling mousses

  • Styling creams

  • Curl Retention

  • Hair-tip fluids

  • Antidandruff preparations

  • Hair tonics

  • Conditioner


Natural, flexible hold and elasticity without stickiness or added heaviness

Hydamer HCMF
gives a protective layer so that
hair does not stick together

Hair gloss, no broken hairs, no split ends, styling without “dandruff effect”

Hydamer HCMF’s
protective crack-free film,
makes hair fibers not drying out

styling products,
no build-up effect

Hydamer HCMF
has a low sensitivity to atmospheric
moisture and is easy to wash out

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Hair Care
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Hair Care
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Hair Care
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