ChitopharmTM chitosans combine the benefits of high-performing marine bioactives with the advantages of a pure and safe ingredient suitable for recovery medications, drug delivery and care applications.

The safe and
high-performing pharmaceutical excipient

ChitopharmTM as an excipient is highly biocompatible and induces minimal inflammatory response or foreign body reaction. It is compatible with a wide range of common ingredients and can be combined in hydrogels, sprays, creams and other matrices.

Superior performance in skin care and wound-healing

ChitopharmTM has a clinically proven anti-itching effect, supports the skin barrier function and offers an all-natural solution to moisturize the skin. ChitopharmTM promotes wound-healing by stimulating cell recovery, it stops bleeding by clotting blood and through its anti-microbial action.

and advantageous for drug delivery

ChitopharmTM forms a protective layer, is biocompatible and muco-adhesive. This allows its application in topical and oral drug delivery formulations. It promotes a prolonged retention time, targeted drug release and the bio-availability of the drug. Encapsulation of drugs or advanced gene delivery applications are also possible.

The anti-microbial high-tech polymer

ChitopharmTM is a cationic biopolymer that can be used as a coating or be utilized for advanced medical applications. ChitopharmTM prevents microbial growth, is osteogenic and facilitates rapid hemostasis. Coatings with ChitopharmTM can reduce infectious complications. Its anti-microbial activity and outstanding purity makes it suitable for innovative medical applications.

ChitopharmTM product range

To prevent and cure diseases, to improve patient health and save lives is the main target with the development of a new drug or medical device. To succeed in the market, a new drug or device has to show superior performance and convince users. Today’s fast-developing environment, fueled by science and innovations leads to evermore demanding customers and stricter regulative frameworks. High quality and high-performing raw materials are the key to make your new product a success. ChitopharmTM chitosan is a versatile key player in the world of innovative raw materials.

Chitopharm S

Drug delivery, Encapsulation, Oral care, Coatings, Nanoparticles, etc.

Chitopharm M

Wound care, Hydrogels, Tissue engineering, Wound-healing, Creams, Dental care, etc.

Chitopharm L

Eye drops, Films, Dermatological Creams, Coatings, Encapsulation, etc….

Chitopharm CM

Innovations and new developments with specific needs…

Areas of application

ChitopharmTM chitosan is a versatile and high-performing raw material for innovative pharmaceuticals, medical devices and health care applications

Technical support

The ChitopharmTM portfolio consists of premium products with different molecular weights but the same consistent quality.

Origin of

ChitopharmTM comes from pure Norwegian shrimp shells that are sourced from sustainable fishing in the cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean and processed in local fully-automated peeling factories. The extraction of the chitosan takes place in the company’s production facility in Tromsoe, Norway. All components utilized in the further processing are of the highest standard and purity.

How ChitopharmTM
is produced

ChitopharmTM chitosan is produced under strict quality control measures to meet and even exceed our customers’ expectations and legal requirements. Our chitosan production facility in the very north of Norway was originally established by German engineers. The current production benefits from continuous improvements, long experience and strong relations to the local raw material suppliers.

Our ChitopharmTM
Quality – USP/NF compliance

Each respective ChitopharmTM grade has a Drug Master File Type IV already filed at the FDA in order to prevent or minimize any potential formal and technical hurdles in our customers’ projects and production. Chitopharm’s extremely low endotoxin and heavy-metal levels contribute to a straightforward incorporation of this high-performing ingredient into the finished dosage form. All analyses are performed in a certified external lab and follow the current version of the USP/NF «Chitosan».

Quality chitosan turns your application into an innovation