Sensory parameters

Suppleness of the skin is determined by measuring torsion, as a function of deformation. Areas of skin treated with a placebo formulation exhibited high torsion values, indicating reduced elasticity. This test result correlates with TEWL findings. Increased water loss causes the skin to dry out; it becomes rougher and looses flexibility and suppleness. When Hydamer™ CMFP is added to the formulation, torsion values were reduced. Skin treated with Hydamer™ CMFP became noticeably softer and around 80 % smoother than untreated skin.

The findings of in-vitro studies regarding moisture binding capacity and elasticity are unequivocal. The formulation with Hydamer™ CMF obtained the best results in a panel test of the following assessment criteria:

  • Application properties

  • Distribution

  • Penetration properties

  • Perceptible, long term enhancement of skin sensation

Twistometry measurement (In Vitro)

Skin compatible and non-irritating

Hydamer™ CMF/CMFP are substances of extreme purity offering excellent skin compatibility performance. In a human patch test conducted under occlusive conditions, the formulation containing chitosan substantially reduced skin reactions. Hydamer™ CMFP can be added to cosmetic products to improve dermatological compatibility and contributes to the product’s safety. Studies of transepidermal water loss (TEWL) have shown that Hydamer™ CMFP offers the same outstanding Moisturizing performance as hyaluronic acid and native collagen.

Skin reaction test (mod. Duhring-Kammer-test)

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