Alround Protection and Care

Coated with HydamerTM HCMF’s protective layer, hair has added bounce and elasticity you can both see and feel. These properties are confirmed by the results of objective test methods. Products that improve bounce are characterised by an ability to increase the initial amplitude and the elongation work as well as the oscillation frequency and damping values in hair curls.

Hair curls with and without Hydamer HCMF treatment




1 = Control (water)
2 = Synthetic Polymer A (2.5% a.s.)
3 = Hydamer™ HCMF (0.5% a.s.)
4 = Hydamer™ HCMF (1% a.s.)
5 =  Snthetic Polymer B (2% a.s.)
+ Synthetic Copolymer (0.5% a.s.)
6 =  Synthetic Polymer B (2.5% a.s.)

Styling power

Bending strength shows the strength of a film under physical strain. HydamerTM HCMF offers bending strength around 5-12.5 times higher of comparable products, depending on application concentration. When replacing a synthetic polymer with Hydamer HCMF the final concentration of polymer in the formulation will significantly be reduced.

Hydamer HCMF concentration range 0.1% to 1.0% PVP/VA concentration range 1.0% to 10.0%

Filmforming Properties

Immunohistochemical detection of Hydamer HCMF films on hair

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