The modular concept

To efficiently stop unpleasant body odor, every single component which contributes to odor formation should be inhibited. The mechanism of odor formation can be subdivided into five steps (see overview 1). A modular deodorant composition can inhibit undesired sweat degradation in the early stadium before odor occurs. HydamerTM DCMF acts as the key active ingredient which prevent bacterial growth. The advantage of the modular concept is the synergistically deodorizing effect of the combination of HydamerTM DCMF with the antiperspirant, e.g. aluminum chlorohydrate, and an natural enzyme inhibitor, e. g. triethyl citrate. Odor formation is thus counteracted by up to four mechanisms. This principle can be used to provide particularly strong, long lasting protection.

The perfect stop odor principle.

Microbiological Effects of Hydamer DCMF Suspension test

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