Protective action

HydamerTM HCMF and PVP/VA copolymers both form films of comparable hardness after drying. However, varying properties can be observed in these films. While cracks develop in PVP/VA films during drying, HydamerTM HCMF forms a homogeneous, stress-free film.

There is no visible difference in Hydamer HCMF’s performance even after 10 times combing. Excellent for a styling without flaking.

Hydamer HCMF

homogeneous film

PVP/VA Copolymer

cracking in the dry state

Crack formation in PVP/VA films can ecounteracted by adding small amounts of HydamerTM HCMF. A mixing ratio of 1:0.05 is sufficient to bring about a considerable reduction in crack formation. A mixing ratio of 1:0.1 results in films that are absolutely homogeneous and dry without cracking. HydamerTM HCMF enhances film elasticity and prevents polymer films from drying out and cracking.

Hairs treated with 0.5 % Hydamer HCMF

Hairs treated with 2 % PVP/VA Copolymer

Hairs treated with 0.5 % Hydamer  HCMF after 10 x combing

Hairs treated with 0.5 % Hydamer  HCMF after 10 x combing

Splitting ends

Another test involves simulated splitting under in-vitro conditions. Treatment with a rinse containing 0.5% HydamerTM HCMF remarkably reduces the rate of splitting. This is a vivid illustration of Chitosan’s protective action and proves that HydamerTM HCMF is qualified to prevent split ends. On top of that, a single rinse with a product containing 0.5% HydamerTM. HCMF revealed the agent’s significant repair effect.

Hairs pretreated with 0.5 % HydamerTM HCMF
+ splitting procedure

Hairs without pretreatment
+ splitting procedure

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